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Hi, I’m Bill Sklodowski; Blogger, online marketer and home-business “side-hustle” enthusiast. I’m also passionate about helping other home-based business owners grown their businesses. Just now thinking about starting your own “side-hustle” business? You’re in the right place for that, too. Take a look below… you’ll see links to several online training sessions in a variety of areas… all aimed at helping the small-business or home-based business professional. Thanking about creating a home-based business, but don’t know where to start? Click the link to my private, invitation-only Facebook page, where you’ll find information on the business I recommend and endorse. Yes, I’m highly biased…


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Free Class: Facebook Birthday Marketing

Expert Jason Bell teaches: How to Get Paid $500 to $1,000 Per Month to Build Simple Set & Forget Facebook Campaigns, Without Any Ongoing Fulfillment.Great for local businesses and online marketing, too! Click here to register for this FREE webinar and get your copy of the Birthday Marketing Cheatsheet. 

Free Class: Facebook Live Authority

Expert Monique Johnson teaches how to create content that drives traffic, builds and audience for your product and has you appearing everywhere using Facebook Live in just 10 days. Plus: you’ll get a complimentary copy of our Facebook Live Game Plan and Checklist when you register today. Click here to get on this FREE class. 

Free Class: One Post A Day (OPAD)

Expert Ron Douglas teaches: “How We Added an Extra $10,000 a Month in Recurring Income to Our Business With Just One Post a Day on Facebook.” We’ll email you a complimentary copy of our Facebook Marketing Made Simple Cheatsheet for FREE when you attend the FFREE class today. Click here to register now! 

Free Class: LinkedIn Marketing

“Discover An Incredibly Unique Way to Leverage the Power of LinkedIn™ to Land More Clients in Just Minutes a Day” Plus, you’ve get a complimentary copy of the popular LinkedIn Marketing Excellence Cheatsheet when you attend this free class today. Click here to register for this FREE training…